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Erik Demeulemeester

Title: On the construction of optimal policies for the serial resource-constrained project scheduling problem with stochastic activity durations 

The majority of publications in the extensive literature on resource-constrained project scheduling problems (RCPSPs) focus on a static deterministic setting for which a so-called baseline schedule is computed prior to project execution. In the real world, however, a project may be subject to considerable uncertainty. During the actual execution of a project, the baseline schedule may indeed suffer from disruptive events causing the actually realized activity start times to deviate from the predicted baseline start times. This talk will consider a serial project scheduling problem, where the durations of the activities can take on two possible durations. For that particular case, we will determine the optimal policies and we will infer rules that can be useful in order to construct better schedules for the general RCPSP. 

Session: How to get published, where to publish, and how to write a great peer review report

Session speakers: Prof. Gilbert Laporte, Prof. Navonil Mustafee, Prof. Antuela Tako

Publishing research is a crucial step in building your academic career. Choosing a proper journal to publish in is the first step in publishing a research paper. In this session, Prof. Gilbert Laporte, Prof. Navonil Mustafee, and Dr Antuela Tako will discuss how to manage publishing among other duties as an ECR and how to write a good review report which is another important task done by academics. There will be a panel discussion with the opportunity to ask questions. 


Prof. Gilbert Laporte

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Prof. Navonil Mustafee

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Prof. Antuela Tako

Session: Funding opportunities

Session speakers: Dr Tri-Dung Nguyen, Prof. Christos Vasilakis, Dr Alain Zemkoho, Billy McGregor (EPSRC)

The funding opportunities session at the ECR Workshop will give a comprehensive overview of the UK funding landscape in Operational Research. A panel discussion will be held with all the speakers to answer your questions about funding opportunities.

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Dr Tri-Dung Nguyen

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Prof. Christos Vasilakis

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Dr Alain Zemkoho

Session: How to write a great funding proposal and mock panel exercise

Session speakers: Prof. Christine Currie, Prof. Paul Harper, Dr Alain Zemkoho

On Monday 11th September, ECRs will hold a mock panel. This will be an opportunity to simulate a UKRI Review Panel, assessing and ranking real OR funding proposals. It will be facilitated by Prof. Christine Currie, Prof. Paul Harper, and Dr Alain Zemkoho. The process will demonstrate how the panels work and highlight the characteristics of a successful funding proposal, with an opportunity to ask questions to the facilitators.

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Prof. Christine Currie

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Prof. Paul Harper

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Dr Alain Zemkoho

Session: Structured networking

Session bio: The session is designed to provide you with a dynamic and interactive platform to engage with peers, and potential collaborators. You'll have the chance to connect one-on-one with like-minded researchers, exchange ideas, and discover exciting opportunities for future collaborations. This will be followed by a networking dinner in Bath City Centre, generously funded by the University of Bath Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Improvement (CHI2).