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1. What are three simulation paradigms that AnyLogic supports?
A. Agent-based, discrete event and systems dynamics

2. What are the three deep reinforcement learning tools that AnyLogic are integrating into their modelling
A. Bonsai, Pathmind and

3. What are the services DSE consulting can support you with when modelling?
A.official AnyLogic training, 121 mentoring and proof-of-concept simulations.


4. What are the 2 significant new features in Simul8 2021?
A. Process mining and Share (answer on

5. Simul8 have been supporting customers improve processes for how many years?
A. Over 25 years/25 years (answer on home page and case study page)

Taylor and Francis

6. What item is shown in the Taylor & Francis logo?
A. Lamp

7. How many articles can be found on Taylor & Francis Online?
A. 4,563,000+


8. The Dstl Candidate Information Pack includes three values that capture the organisation’s beliefs and principles, what are they?
A. Innovative, Collaborative and Impactful.

9. As documented in Dstl The Science Inside 2019-20, which two British Army fighting vehicles were influenced by Dstl operational research?
A. Boxer (Mechanised Infantry Vehicle [MIV]) and Challenger 2 (Main Battle Tank).

Saker Solutions

10. What valuable commodity does SakerGrid save?
A. time

11. Which leading systems integrator is Aker Solutions now a part of?
A. ITI’ (or ‘the ITI Group’)

The OR Society

12. What online training course is running on 13 May 2021?
A. Foundations of OR: Simulation    

13. Who is the chair of the Simulation OR special interest group? 
A. Stephen Onggo