Identifying Patient Priorities

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The Approach

The survey was divided in different sections corresponding to different stages of the blood cancer experience like diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment.

The analysis followed a two stage approach. For each section a statistical drivers of satisfaction analysis was carried out. Since most questions asked patients to rate areas of support we performed some exploratory analysis (looking at each area of support separately) to  assess their impact driving  patient satisfaction. Finally by means of regression trees we identified a hierarchy of importance and establish which areas of support are absolutely essential.

Moreover by means of decision trees we identified the best method of delivery for each area of support; the options were by a medical professional, on a written format such as a leaflet or through friend and family.

“Understanding which areas of support are essential has allowed us to prioritise patient support initiatives”

The Client

Bloodwise: A charity that provides support to the people affected by blood cancer.

The Client's Problem

Bloodwise carried out a survey to more than a thousand patients with a view to understand their level of satisfaction throughout  different stages of their  blood cancer experience. This presented an opportunity to identify which stages were more important.

The Solution

  • Decision trees diagrams for each section of the survey to represent hierarchy of importance for areas of support
  • Breakdown of overall satisfaction scores depending on the satisfaction level for each area of support
  • Breakdown of satisfaction scores depending on how the support was delivered
  • Data visualisation to represent and understand the variation in patient satisfaction scores

The Benefits

  • A key set of areas of support was identified for each section
  • Understanding of the causes behind the variability in the patient scores
  • Identify situations where a leaflet can complement the assistance of a medical professional