Processing Donations More Quickly

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The Approach

The volunteer determined the project's aims and background, shadowed processes and drafted the current ‘as-is’ process maps and designed a method to estimate timings for the process & analysed results of pilot data collection. Following this, process improvements were identified and conclusions and recommendations were made.

"It has been really helpful to have an independent set of eyes look at our processes"

The Client

The Stroke Association’s mission is to prevent strokes and achieve life after stroke through providing services, campaigning, education and research.

The Client's Problem

To seek confirmation that their current process for donation handling was efficient, robust (financially secure with accurate donor data capture) and capable of meeting their service level targets, and to get ideas for process improvements.

The Solution

  • Documentation of the current ‘as-is’ processing of Direct Mail donations.
  • Some indicative timings for the time-critical elements of the process.
  • Suggestions for improvements to speed up donation processing, especially when volumes are high.

The Benefits

  • Validated recent process improvements made by process manager and gave senior management confidence that process was sound.
  • Identified principal bottlenecks and where additional resources may be needed to achieve process speed-ups.
  • Recommended some practical options for improving operational layout and donation triaging to achieve desired service levels.