Reviewing Management Information Arrangements

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The Approach

A high-level approach was taken – reviewing the management team's concerns. 

In practical terms a meeting with the project sponsor (to discuss the objectives and underlying concerns) was followed-up by a review of the existing management (monthly) briefing pack.

The analyst then attended a meeting of the management team - to pick-up an understanding of the issues and topics that are discussed.

Recommendations were made in the following areas:

  • Data to aid day-to-day management
  • Routine Information Sharing
  • Short-term decision making (information requirements)
  • Strategic decision making (information requirements)
  • Identifying Opportunities for Improvement;
  • Target Setting
  • Identifying the costs of specific activities
  • Blockers and enablers

“The volunteer added a good voice and reason to make changes that were very necessary”

The Client

Bikeworks (a not for profit social enterprise) run community cycling programmes (All Ability Cycling Clubs); employment and training programs for disadvantaged people; cycle training and a large bike reuse programme.

The Client's Problem

Bikeworks requested a review of their business model and Management Information (MI) arrangements (including impact data) to ensure that they are aligned (and effective and efficient).

The Solution

  • The output was a paper listing some ideas for the management team to contemplate and discuss.
  • The paper stated assumptions and included a mixture of observations and recommendations
  • Recommendations were made with a caveat that they should only be implemented if it would be cost-effective to do so; also that any alternative action, which serves the same purpose, would be equally acceptable.
  • The purpose of the paper was to generate discussion points (within the management team) - rather than for the specific recommendations to be adopted word-for-word.

The Benefits

  • Using the output of this project, the Bikeworks management team have derived nine specific actions
  • They are now implementing these actions