Supporting a Homeless Charity’s Annual Client Survey

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The Approach

The analyst attended meetings with staff and volunteers to understand key requirements for the survey and to ensure that all involved were working towards a common goal. Roles and timescales were determined in order to deliver a survey to the Centre’s deadline.

The survey was designed and refined, before being launched online and through a ‘survey day’, where clients were interviewed in person and by phone. The analyst led in extracting initial key findings from the data and delegating sub-tasks to a team. Closely liaising with the client, the findings of the evaluation survey were written into a report which was completed to a tight deadline.

‘We valued the opportunity to work collaboratively and, without doubt, benefited from the analyst’s expertise and commitment to the project’

The Client

A Westminster-based charity supporting homeless people sleeping rough and families in need.

The Client's Problem

The Cardinal Hume Centre needed to know its impact on its clients and ensure that their voices were heard.

The Solution

  • A well designed survey with a representative sample of online, phone and face to face client input
  • Well presented results which provided maximum impact and insight
  • A well written, professional report completed to a tight deadline
  • A standard and framework established for future surveys

The Benefits

  • Provided the charity with crucial intelligence and insight
  • Enabled the charity to deliver an evidence-based report for current and potential funders
  • Helped the charity continue to refocus efforts in order to meet the changing needs of a diverse client group