Systemic and Strategic Mapping

Rough diagram

The Approach

A soft system methodology was used.

Finding Out: What is it the client actually wants the system to do?

  • Discussion to allow problem owner to freely air views and beliefs about needs of system and what influence this investigation could have on its overall goal.

Situation Analysis 1: Capturing WHAT the system does.

  • A group workshop using Brainwriting & Brain-drawing for focus and recall.
  • Rich Picture, Root Definitions and CATWOE used to give a new shared understanding of what their system is, what it does and what if for.

Situation Analysis 2: Capturing HOW the system does what it does

  • A group workshop using Brainwriting & Brain-drawing for focus and recall.
  • Root definitions, CATWOE and systems maps were used to describe what each sub-systems map represents and who does what for whom within each sub-system.

Conceptual Modelling: Graphically describe the system and systemic behaviour

Comparisons: Find differences in what the system does and what the client wanted the system to do.

Change Proposals: Propose and justify systemic changes.

Accept and Adopt: Deliver proposals

“As a charity, we were incredibly grateful for the time and support that the volunteer gave to us and believe that it will have an impact on the work we do in the future”

The Client

SEEDS, a research project, needed systemic mappings to facilitate roll-out of their service nationally.

The Client's Problem

No systemic or strategic framework. No systemic flexibility for roll-out.

The Solution

  • Report “As Is” containing Root Definitions, CATWOE, Systems and Context maps.
  • Report “Enhanced for roll-out” containing change proposals, Root Definitions, CATWOE, Systems, Context and Strategy maps.
  • Training on Innovation, Change, Tools and Practice
  • Adoption of practices
  • Presentation Executive summary

The Benefits

  • Systemic and Strategic Maps
  • Provision of innovation and change management system
  • Ability to adapt system for roll-out to meet needs of other demographics
  • Provision of innovation training and tools
  • Framework and tools to facilitate improvement overall