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Discussing Soft OR In Practice

Venue: Room 3.04, Hugh Aston Building, De Montfort University, Leicester
Speaker: Ashley Carreras
Date: Thursday, 27 November 2014 at 16:00 - 18:00

There is a growing awarenessamongst the O.R. profession that the range of techniques utilised by the Soft in general can be pivotal in ensuring commitment to the developmentand implementation of strategies and plans. These techniques have beensuccessfully employed in a whole range of organisational settings including:Multi-national Corporations , National Chains, SMEs,  Community Associations, Nationally andLocally Government  funded projects.

You are invited to the latestevent organised by the Problem Structuring Methods Special Interest Group. Wehave invited three experienced practitioners of PSMs to share lessons of bestpractice.

The presenters are:

Colin Eden – Professor ofManagement Science and Strategic Management and Vice Dean at StrathclydeBusiness School. Colin is internationally known for his work in the areas ofProblem Structuring Methods, Research Methodology, Project Management andStrategic Management. He has published over 180 articles in general management,management science, and project management journals. He has published 10 books,including: Visible Thinking: Unlocking Causal Mapping for practical businessresults, 2004, Wiley (with F. Ackermann, J Bryson and C. Finn), and MakingStrategy: Mapping out strategic success, 2010, Wiley (with F Ackermann). He continuesto work in public and private organisations using causal mapping techniques asa part of work on strategic problems.

Ian Mitchell – OR Unit at theDepartment for Business Innovation and Skills. Ian applies Problem StructuringMethods to a broad range of policy areas and has worked in Operational Researchsince 1988. In 1993 whilst an independent OR consultant Ian found ProblemStructuring Methods based on Systems Thinking were essential to support a studyfor the European Space Agency. As of 1994 he managed the Battle Group War Game,leading infantry studies. Ian moved to Porton Down in 1998 managing forceprotection studies until 2000 when he was seconded as an OR specialist inWhitehall, where restructuring problems as systems led to a new resilient basisfor decisions in capability management.

Rob Angell – Rob has been thelead facilitator and process consultant for a range of clients to deliberatelyinvolve stakeholders in formulating environmental decisions or resolvingconflicts, strategy development and visioning. Examples include identification of marine conservation zones,precautionary measures for electromagnetic radiation, policy & strategydevelopment on waste management and decommissioning approaches for nuclearpower stations. He has run several sessions as part of longer term processes tohelp set horizons in business strategies and community visions and deliveredEuropean wide e-consultations for the WWF. 

We hope you’ll agree this is anexcellent set of speakers. Hearing the experiences of the speakers will helpyou make the connection between the PSMs presented in the literature and yourarea of application. You will also be able to seek support from the manypractitioners who will be present. Please join us in Leicester! For more informationplease contact:

Contact: Ashley Carreras, SIG Chair, +44 (0) 116 207 8224, [email protected]