EURO Summer Institute Scholarship Guidelines

1) Introduction

These scholarships are designed to enable ‘young’ operational researchers (normally up to two, but the number is subject to stipulations imposed by the particular Institute) to attend and present a paper to the EURO Summer / Winter Institute of the relevant year.

2) Eligibility

Persons with no more than ten years' experience in OR (including time spent in postgraduate OR education) who have at least two years’ working experience based in the United Kingdom, of operational research in industry, commerce, government, or in a University teaching or research post at the time of application are eligible for consideration. No person may be awarded more than one EURO Summer / Winter Institute Scholarship.

The use of ‘young’ as a descriptor in this award implies no restriction in terms of age, but refers solely to the length of experience in the field.

3) Value

The scholarship will cover reasonable travel costs up to a maximum of £250 incurred in attending the EURO Summer / Winter Institute.

(NB. EURO and the host society for the Institute meet all costs within the host country.)

4) Entry

Candidates may nominate themselves, or may be nominated by a member of The OR Society who is a supervisor, head of OR, head of department or occupies some other responsible role. In respect of each nominee the required submission is a detailed curriculum vitae, names and contact details of two independent referees who must be members of The OR Society, and a previously unpublished paper written by the candidate and which they intend to present at the Institute.

Nominations should be emailed to [email protected].

5) Selection

Scholarships will only be awarded to 'young' OR workers of considerable promise within the topic of the Institute. The successful candidates’ papers should be important to the development of OR within the topic area. The Awards Panel may, if necessary, take advice from an outside specialist in the field, who is independent of all the candidates. The decision remains the responsibility of the committee alone. Subject to the above, the Awards Panel shall award scholarships to the people who are the most meritorious candidates within the topic of the Institute. At its discretion the Awards Panel may decide not to put forward candidates for all, or any, of the available places if insufficient nominees are of appropriate merit.

6) Independence of Committee Members

During their term of office, members of the Awards Panel may not make nominations for a scholarship, nor may they provide references for nominees.

7) Conditions

Conditions of the award are that:

  • the nomination shall be accepted by the Academic Committee of the Institute
  • the recipients presents the submitted paper at the Institute
  • the recipient takes full part in the Institute, including the preparation of papers for the European Journal of Operational Research

All claims for reimbursement of reasonable travel costs incurred in attending the EURO Summer / Winter Institute must be fully substantiated by receipts and accompanied by appropriate documentation to show that the above conditions have been fully complied with.

8) Procedures

Upon receipt from EURO of the call for papers for the Institute, the Research & Publications Coordinator shall arrange for an announcement to be published in Inside OR, inviting nominations by a date chosen so as to enable the Awards Panel to adjudicate on the applications, for candidate(s) to be informed of the Awards Panel’s recommendations and for the successful candidatures to be submitted to the Academic Committee of the Institute by the specified deadline.

9) Current Awards Panel Practice

It is current practice that announcements relating to the EURO Summer / Winter Institutes shall be published on the society’s website as well as in Inside OR.