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Executives in every kind of organisation – large and small, private and public, for-profit and not-for-profit – are using operational research (OR) to unlock the value in their data, model complex systems, and make better decisions with less risk. Whether OR is used to inform high-level strategy or improve day-to-day operations, the results speak for themselves:

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Helping the NHS make informed decisions

Two case studies in one: how a small team of operational researchers in the South West of the UK is helping the NHS make evidence-based decisions to ensure that small and large-scale changes have the intended outcomes.

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Reviewing the fleet

When the British Airways planning department needed a major fleet replacement, a model developed by OR cut through hugely complex data to give an informed decision.

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Stung into action

Most people would imagine the only link between bees and ambulances is an especially bad bee sting. However, in Brazil's largest and most traffic-plagued city the relationship is something quite different - and far more beneficial.

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A healthy outlook

Success or failure in a business setting often depends on understanding how all kinds of factors develop and interact - not just at any given moment but over months, years or even decades. As demonstrated by a recent review of doctor training in the UK, system dynamics can prove a powerful and cost-effective resource when tackling such issues.

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Improving patient transport in New South Wales

HealthShare NSW, which operates a Patient Transport Service, asked operational researchers to explore resourcing options for reducing the use of alternative service providers to significantly reduce costs.

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Optimising supply chains in shipping

Losing tens of millions of dollars every year in scheduling penalties, an industrial transport company, The Noble Group, turns to operational research to optimise their supply chain. By using reactive deterministic algorithms they were able to achieve savings of approximately $1.3m per month.

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