Costs and expenses

Costs may include room hire, visual aids and refreshments. Speakers are normally assumed to give their time for free, but may have reasonable travel expenses (within the UK) reimbursed. In exceptional circumstances, overnight accommodation may be provided for a speaker if the timing of the meeting makes this essential. Groups are expected to use low cost venues and provide refreshments (such as tea and biscuits) for attendees.

Each Regional Society has its own budget from which expenses should be paid. The Treasurer shall keep all original VAT receipts to account for money paid out of the budget. Individuals incurring expenses must submit original VAT receipts to the Treasurer in order to reclaim costs.

Note that the society reimburses standard class rail or equivalent, except where no reasonable public transport is available, in which case mileage at 45p per mile may be claimed. Alternatively a speaker (or speakers, if there are two) may be taken for a meal after the meeting, in which case the cost of the meal for the speaker(s) and one other person may be claimed, up to a maximum of £20 per head.