Costs and expenses

Costs may include room hire, visual aids and refreshments. Speakers are normally expected to give their time for free, but all reasonable travel expenses (within the UK) can be reimbursed. Groups are expected to use low cost venues and provide refreshments (such as tea and biscuits) for attendees.

To claim expenses, fill out this expenses claim form, which can also be found in the ‘Event Docs’ folder of the RS and SIG Basecamp folder, and return to [email protected].

The OR Society has a central budget for all Special Interest Groups’ activities and approval for expenditure needs to be sought in advance, by emailing your office point of contact. Expenditure approval will be confirmed in 1-2 business days. Individuals incurring expenses must submit original VAT receipts in order to reclaim costs. 

Any speakers' expense claims, supported by receipts, should be sent to the point of contact in the office. Note that the society reimburses standard class rail or equivalent, except where no reasonable public transport is available, in which case mileage at 45p per mile may be claimed.