Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

When joining the Special Interest Group or Network committee, the committee member will be asked by the society to take ‘Unconscious Bias’ training. This is a short video course. 

When planning the programme for an SIG or Network's meeting or event, the committee should consider best practice in welcoming as diverse a set of speakers and participants as possible. Depending on the interest field, this may mean actively identifying less-prominent experts, considering accessibility of meeting venues and times, etc.. More information on best practice can be found in the ‘Diversity at RS and SIG events’ folder, in the RS and SIG folder on Basecamp.

The society is now monitoring the diversity of invited speakers, via a survey. The Secretary should collect diversity data on the events speakers, by sending out this survey link (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JJQTK3G) to each of the speakers who attended the event. This survey applies only to event speakers, not the audience or committee. The information collected on this form will be treated confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will be stored on The OR Society database. Access to this information will be restricted to staff involved in the processing and monitoring of this data. It will be used to provide statistical information only.