Communicating with group members

Ensuring the SIG and Networks' pages on the website are regularly updated is the best way to advertise the group and encourage new members to join.


Mailing Lists

The society maintains email lists on behalf of SIGs or Networks. These contain all of The OR Society members who have indicated an interest in the SIG or Network. Interested non-members can also be included in the list. Officers of the SIG or Network can request a list of members of the group from the point of contact in the office. The lists are updated to include any new members, members who have updated their preferences and any non-members who have been added to the database following the submission of an attendance list. All officers of the SIG or Network will be required to complete a data protection agreement form before they can access the personal data of the members of the group.


Contacting Your Mailing List

To contact the mailing list for your SIG or Network, an email must be sent out via The OR Society’s Mailchimp account. To schedule an email to be sent to your SIG or Network’s mailing list, please complete an ‘Email Request Form’. Once completed, the RS and SIG officer will create, schedule and send out the email. This can take up to five working days to be sent out. 

The email distribution list should not be used to advertise jobs and other such opportunities unless they have been advertised formally through The OR Society.


Data Protection

The society's Data Protection registration only covers lists held by the society at the office. Any Special Interest Group or Network that holds a mailing list other than the one held at the office must register that mailing list with the Data Protection Registrar. In such a case, the Officers of the Special Interest Group or Network are responsible for compliance with GDPR guidelines. The society recommends that Special Interest Group or Network do not hold a separate mailing list.


Document Repository

You are encouraged to add items to Document Repository on The OR Society's website that will be of use/interest to members. Items added under your SIG or Network's category will generate links on your SIG or Network's page on the Society’s website making it easy to access the documents.



Some SIGs and Networks use the website Meetup as another way to promote events and communicate with their members. The OR Society has a Meetup account where regional groups can be added and the Officers of the group can be made organisers so that they may manage the group themselves. Please contact rsandsigadmin [at] for further details.