2017 August Inside OR

In this edition, you can read: the Review of the Year 2016, our president’s summary of the progress we’re making and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead; whether or not AI will surpass human intelligence; and how to be an OR hero.

The ORS Training Working Group: What and Who?

The society runs dozens of training courses every year for its members. Ever wonder who decides what courses should run? Read on to find out more about this and how you can influence the future training offerings of The OR Society:

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2017 August - Leader

One of the recurring themes of my presidency so far has been the diversity of OR and the opportunities and challenges this brings. My excuse for bringing it up again is that every OR event or conversation seems to showcase diversity (and I want to share my excitement at this) but also to re-surface one of its key challenges, which I shall come to. I have just spent three enjoyable days at the annual conference of the Portuguese OR Society, APDIO, where I was invited to give a plenary talk on the UK’s experience with Pro Bono OR.

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Front cover of Inside OR magazine August 2017

2017 August Inside OR

Review of the Year 2016; AFROS; The obex project; A new master race; Public sector pay.

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