2019 December Inside OR

This month, we look at data science at British Airways, how organisations use OR to safeguard IT supply chains without exhausting budgets, performing automated analytical computations away from centralised data stores, our Validate AI conference and even more of the unmissable OR61 talks from our annual conference.

Listening to our members and growing the membership

"The most important step was to listen to our current members to gain their valuable feedback” Jonathan Batson, Chair of our Publicity, Membership and Website committee, shares the recent news from the upcoming campaign to better serve our members and attract some new ones.

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Strengthening the weak links: bringing operational research to cybersecurity

In an age of data breaches and malware attacks, cybersecurity is paramount to organisations that store troves of customer and employee information. But how do organisations effectively safeguard their IT supply chains without completely exhausting their budgets? Operational research may hold the answer.

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Pro Bono Week Workshop

This year, The OR Society marked Pro Bono Week 2019 by running a half-day workshop at the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in London on 5 November to help third sector organisations to improve their effectiveness and reduce costs with operational research. The theme for the morning was “Better Insight, Better Decisions, Better Delivery”.

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Validate AI Conference 2019

The first Validate AI conference took place in London in early November, designed to be a catalyst for conversation about rigour in developing AI systems. The day boasted a series of expert seminars delivered by leaders in the field of AI, including Professor Marta Kwiaskowska, Professor David Hand and former Minister for Universities and Science Lord David Willetts.

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