2019 March Inside OR

In this edition, you will find our diversity champion's call-to-arms for diversity and inclusion in OR and The OR Society; a recap of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling's lorry queue experiment; an examination of the common 'analyst vs versus IT' conflict, and how to avoid it; a write-up of our 2018 Careers Open Day; and a warts-and-all look at what happens when machine learning meets OR.

Leader: #BalanceForBetter

Achieving balance is not as easy as it sounds. It requires change and change is difficult for many to embrace. Challenging normalised behaviours, embedded processes, perceptions and conventional thinking requires organisations and institutions to embark on a programme of change and transformation. When an organisation decides to implement Diversity and Inclusion (DI), it is effectively saying it is committed to...

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No deal Brexit Impact on queues at Dover

At 8am on Monday 7 January 2019, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling mounted a propaganda exercise that was intended to convince the transport industry and the general population that the inevitable disruption at Dover caused by a “no-deal Brexit” could be managed.

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Analysts versus IT and why it shouldn’t be that way

I don’t think I’d be being controversial if I said that analysts and IT functions don’t always have the easiest relationship in organisations. Analysts can view IT functions as being blockers and bureaucratic and IT functions can view analysts as being demanding and having an elevated sense of...

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