2019 November Inside OR

This month, AI in industry and what that means for Analyst jobs, machine learning and the homeless, the new Women in OR and Analytics Network, sustainable development goals and much more.

Sustainable Development Goals – a hot topic at OR61

The problem with plastics and tackling sustainable development challenges were key environmentally-sensitive issues discussed at our recent annual conference, OR61. Priyanka Roy and Veronica Earle spoke about a powerful new tool in the battle against plastic pollution. They asked the question: “Can we clean up the mess?” The answer, or at least part of it, may be the development and implementation of an audit tool for recording incidences and amounts of disposed unwanted plastic.

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Optimising the Teaching of OR

This month features write-ups of some of the best talks and workshops that took place at our September OR61 annual conference in Canterbury, Kent. Topics include how we teach OR, diversity in the industry and kernel searches. If you missed out, or want to relive these sessions, here’s your chance to catch up!

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The uptake of artificial intelligence by industry will drastically change the UK job market in the coming years – with 133 million new jobs expected to be created globally. This article gives you a briefing on which industries are investing in AI, and shows the veritable jobs boom going on, creating opportunities for analysts.

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