2020 February Inside OR

This month, we compare the NHS to European counterparts, look at improving farming with OR, review Professor Philip Bond's Blackett Lecture, browse the awards that are open for submission and nomination, remind ourselves of Hegel's Dictum and what it reveals about working in OR, look for volunteers for the Big Bang Fair - and more!

Leader: Four themes for the next two years

Our new president, Professor Edmund Burke, sets out his stall for the next two years leading The OR Society.

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Dr John Ranyard: Letter to the Editor

Dr John Ranyard, a Companion of OR who has served the society in a number of roles, challenges The OR Society on a perceived weighting of awards towards academics.

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The NHS compared

Nigel Cummings compares our National Health Service to its European counterparts to look at service provision, efficiency, cost and more.

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We may be quant, but we’re qual-seeking

Ernest Field, writing in 2000 and now republished in our OR minus 20 feature, discusses whether or not Hegel's Dictum has a ring of truth that is relevant to modern analysis.

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Helping farmers to work more efficiently

Funds have become available to businesses to meet the UK’s urgent need to produce food in more sustainable and efficient ways to meet an expected 60% increase in global demand for food by 2050. 

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