2020 July/August Inside OR

This issue: We are excited to announce the date of this year's Annual General Meeting on 30 July 2020 and will be online. You can register here. We take a look at how COVID-19 has affected the Euro Working Group on practice or OR, we delve deeper into COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic is having on the OR community and looking at whether 3D printing is the future? There are updates about our events, plus much more..

Supply chains after COVID-19

The current pandemic has hit the global supply chain in unexpected and unforeseen ways.

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Is 3D printing the future?

Mainstream use of 3D printing to manufacture supplies for use in the commercial marketplace will almost certainly have an impact on current supply chain systems.

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Understanding a pandemic with behavioural and data science

We were delighted to welcome Megan Crawford to speak at our first Webinar Wednesday on 27 May. Here she shares headlines of her talk about the work she is doing with the BehaviourWorks at Monash University. They are using behavioural science to better understand how the public is experiencing COVID-19 aiming to create an international, continuously-updated dataset to help governments and public health officials make better decisions in tackling COVID-19.

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