2020 September/October Inside OR

This issue: We have a bumper issue of Inside OR this edition and are excited to annouce the names of the plenary speakers at this years annual conference OR62. We take a look at what is rotten in the mathematical optimisation community, simulation aimed at achieving sustainable development goals and pandemic productivity. There are updates about our events, plus much more..


‘Unprecedented’ – the word used an unprecedented number of times in the past few months, along with ‘Zoom’ and a previously rarely used word ‘furlough’.  According to some experts we are entering an economic tsunami and thus we must prepare our finances for uncertain world events.  But before we look to the future, this is the time of year when our audited accounts and report have been presented to the AGM and gives me a chance to share information with all our members.  Although as our AGM was held on-line for the first time ever I do hope that many more of you were able to ‘attend via Zoom’.

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Digital futures report

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has produced a report that looks at how new technologies can turbocharge research to respond to global challenges and crises, with chemists, biologists, materials scientists, data scientists, public health and environment experts, clinicians, regulators, industry, governments, funders, and philanthropists all part of the solution.

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Trust: Teams, numbers and data

It is easy to forget that before March 2020, most people only worked remotely occasionally, and for many, it was a new concept altogether. The Bays Consulting team has always been remote, meaning we’d had time to develop solutions to the challenges other teams suddenly faced such as: how to set work/ life boundaries; defining our working space and learning how we best communicate as a team and with our clients.

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2020 September/October Inside OR

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