2021 August

This issue: Inside this edition of Inside OR we look at our upcoming annual conference OR63 specifically how we will be 'Making an Impact' and our two free pre-day events. We look at the new report For Thought reports and the need for innovative OR thinkingThere are also updates about our events, training, plus much more...

Why you should take part in the Grand Challenge

As we know, operational research traces its origins back to the Second World War. Its creation paved the way for complex problem solving, new ways of thinking and methods that have transformed the world around us. However, some of the most challenging problems that OR has been faced with still loom ahead. I am, of course, talking about the issue of sustainable development goals. 

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Food For Thought, The Build better report

The British Science Association (BSA) has published a report aimed at leaders in business, science, policy, and civil society. Part of their For Thought series, the report aims to address key scientific and social challenges facing the world in the 21st century.

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The need for innovative OR thinking is unrelenting. New practical challenges, whether the design of an effective response to a pandemic or the achievement of net-zero carbon emissions, call for new OR responses. In the meantime, advances in computer technology continually expand the scope of what can be achieved, reshaping the nature of the task facing the developers of OR solutions.

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The future of work, work relationships and HR

Employers will need to ask, “How can we keep our workers? We know there is a strong correlation between good work and good productivity, how best do we manage this, promote inclusivity and promote wellbeing?”

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