2021 June

This issue: Inside this edition of Inside OR we celebrate women in simulation, Edmund Burke discusses living with the pandemic a year on, and Nigel Cummings delves into arithmetic dynamics. There are also updates about our events, training, plus much more...

Maximising vaccination person-days

In a paper by John A. Muckstadt, School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, and Cornell Institute for Disease and Disaster Preparedness, Cornell University, and his colleagues, some important insights were identified.

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Directing microswimmers

AI-powered ‘microbots’ as small as 2 micrometres across could be the next step forward in the quest for delivering medicines in vitro with minimal side effects to patients. Such microbots could be used to target areas where drugs are needed in precisely the right quantities necessary to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

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Arithmetic Dynamics

Joseph Silverman, a mathematician at Brown University, set out to create a dictionary that translated between dynamical systems and number theory. During the course of his work, he began connecting “the dots” that would ultimately lead to a new branch of mathematics, arithmetic dynamics, which he unveiled at a conference at Union College, Schenectady, New York, in April 1992.

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