2021 March Inside OR

This issue: In this edition of Inside OR we celebrate fifty years of this magazine and issue #600. We look at the application of deep learning, how to accelerate your personal development in lockdown and Graham Rand remembers the life of Ray Showell, OBE. There are updates about our events, training, plus much more...

Steps towards a Circular Economy

Building a circular economy is vital to modern eco-sensitive society. Such economies reduce waste and reuse products and materials that help us clean up our environment while enabling businesses to grow.

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Gender balance at work starts at home

Despite enormous progress in the past century to move towards gender balance, we all recognise that there is still a disproportionate number of men in senior positions in almost every sector. When thinking about gender balance, we often look upwards to the leadership teams in our organisations and expect them to take the initiative and lead the change. While there is no doubt about the important role our senior leadership teams need to play, in this note, I would like to reflect on what we, men, can do regardless of our position in the organisational chart.

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Fifty years Inside OR

Observant members will have noticed that the number of this issue of Inside OR is 600. If the magazine has been published monthly since Issue #1, it is now 50 years old. Allowing for the three missing issues last year, this sets the first issue in January 1971. In reality, it is quite a lot older than that. As far as we can ascertain, the OR Newsletter as it was initially called dates back to around late 1962 or early 1963 although it is possible it started the year before. Margaret Kinnaird was taken on as the OR Society’s Secretary at around that time, and it was she who began the OR Newsletter.

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