2021 May

This issue: In this edition of Inside OR Vania Sena explains how education has adapted to COVID-19, new data published highlights the disparity in those who receive funding, and the ORS journals welcome new appointments. There are also updates about our events, training, plus much more...

Unravelling the complexities of artificial intelligence

The document explains how AI is divided into subfields, including natural language processing, computer vision and deep learning. It also states that “most of the time”, the specific technology at work in AI is machine learning (ML), which focuses on developing algorithms that analyse data to provide insight and predictive capabilities. ML, it states, “relies heavily on human supervision.”

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Can deep learning forecast the weather?

Meteorologists currently use large scale simulation models running on supercomputers. This allows them to run a series of forecasts for the next seven days or so to determine the most likely scenario and get an idea of what could happen.

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Reinforcement learning with a quantum twist

Valeria Saggio at the University of Vienna in Austria and her colleagues have discovered a new method for speeding up the learning phase in AI – it involves applying what they refer to
as a ‘quantum twist’ to accelerate the process. Their process uses a quantum communication channel within the AI learning environment.

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