2021 September

This issue: Inside this edition of Inside OR we look at the link between cricket and operational research and how you could get involved with running The Operational Research Society. We also congratulate the WISDOM winners and how photonics is to the rescue. There are also updates about our events, training, plus much more...

COVID-19 vaccine development

Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT, brought his group of 25-plus doctoral and master’s students together to discuss how they could use their skills in ML and optimisation to create new tools to aid the world in combating the spread of the disease. Their models were soon generating accurate real-time insight into the pandemic.

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Ozone level forecasts make new breakthrough

Professor Yunsoo Choi and doctoral student Alqamah Sayeed from the Air Quality Forecasting and Modelling Lab, University of Houston, have developed a new artificial intelligence-based ozone forecasting system. This system uniquely allows local area prediction of ozone levels in the troposphere up to 14 days in advance.

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Could carbon dioxide added tax make a difference?

Everything we buy, whether to use, consume or simply look at, will have generated a certain amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane or some other gas that allows ultraviolet light to pass through it but reflects infrared light back to earth.

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