2022 April

In this edition of Inside OR, President Elect Gilbert Osuwu takes a 3-D look at operational research; Neil Richardson helps us explore what it means to take a systems approach in organisations; Rob Chidley collects different learned societies’ visions for the post-COVID-19 future; and Ruth Kaufman OBE FORS answers last edition’s question, 'Where was OR during the pandemic?'. 

Leader: The 3-D View

President Elect of The OR Society Gilbert Osuwu focusses his first leader article on what he sees as three key themes in industry: Data, Digital and Diversity (of thought). Our President Elect explores what The OR Society and the wider OR community can contribute to this debate, and shares his vision for the Society.

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A systems approach in organisations

Neil Richardson takes a look at the management of strategic projects and how NASA use system engineering including the ‘soft’ systems research developed at Lancaster University during the years 1970-1999, under the guidance of Peter Checkland.

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Maritime analytics firm offers package that tracks Russian vessels

Maritime data analytics firm MariTrace has begun offering Russian shipping data as a distinct package amongst its various global maritime application programming interfaces (APIs). This could allow any paying customer, from governments and private security firms to armchair shipping enthusiasts and even pirates, to track the movements and cargos of Russian vessels across the world.

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Operational research in Sierra Leone

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has used operational research as part of a successful intervention in disease control in Sierra Leone.

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