2022 August

In this month's issue, we have an update from our education committee, our journalist Nigel Cummings reports on this year's Field Medal winners and attendees of the recently held EURO conference give us their feedback plus more.

Leader: Education committee update

With the committee's work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Vania Sena of our Education Committee gives an update and discusses the internal reflection on the different routes into the OR profession and the diversity of the pool from where new OR talent is drawn.

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2022 Fields Medal winners

Nigel Cummings takes a look at this year's Field Medal winners. The Fields Medals and other International Mathematical Union (IMU) prizes are normally announced at the opening of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), which takes place every four years. This year’s congress was scheduled to begin on 6 July in St. Petersburg but, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the awards ceremony was moved to Helsinki and the congress took place as a virtual event.

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New model finds best sites for electric vehicle charging stations

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a computational model that can be used to determine the optimal places for locating electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities, as well as how powerful the charging stations can be without placing an undue burden on the local power grid.

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The songs of the sea. AI supports scientists listening to nature

ORCA Hub was launched in October 2017 along with three other hubs as part of the government’s “Robotics and AI for Extreme Environments” funding through the Industry Strategic Challenge Fund (ISCF). In this article we look at its main area of focus, enabling robots and autonomous intelligent systems (AIS) to work for the offshore energy industry.

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