December 2022

This month we celebrate the contributions to Soft OR and Problem Structuring by Robert Dyson; Nigel Cummings looks at the modelling of sound to determine the 3D geometry of a room; and we have a write-up from our first WORAN Land Lecture.

Leader: A less than normal year in the life of the Treasurer …

Whatever the new normal is,

it doesn’t seem to have arrived just yet!

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Early Career Research Network Event at OR64

The OR Society Early Career Research (ECR) Network held an in-person event on Tuesday 13 September during the OR64 conference in Warwick. The theme of the event was ‘forging collaborations and solving problems with industry’. Attendees heard engaging presentations from colleagues working in industry, Dr Christoph Werner and Dr Kiko Rul-lan.

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Pro Bono OR case study

The OR Society’s Pro Bono OR scheme connects volunteer analysts with good causes. Analysts donate their time and skills to help charities or other voluntary organisations facing difficult decisions or looking for improvement.

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A knotty problem

In 1867, when scientists were trying to figure out what could account for all the different kinds of matter, Scottish mathematician and physicist Peter Guthrie Tait showed his friend Sir William Thomson his device for generating smoke rings.

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December 2022

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