2022 February

In this edition of Inside OR, our Board Diversity Champion Nicola Morrill unpacks recent OR Society activity to improve our EDI policy and implimentation; Rob Chidley highlights an interesting use of OR in agribusiness; and we look at how some American children may get a head-start on their peers when it comes to OR, analytics and data science. 

Leader: EDI Ambition & Strategy at The OR Society

OR Society Board Diversity Champion Nicola Morrill reviews the Society's EDI strategy and highlights some of the work being done to bring us along on our diversity and inclusion journey.

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Systems thinking in spades: A study of big data in agriculture

A team of researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WAR) and the National Technical University of Athens has explored recently the kinds of opportunities and solutions offered to the agribusiness sector by operational research and big data.

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A summer camp for OR and analytics

In the summer of 2021, UC Berkeley’s Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department partnered with Georgia Tech and the Kids Teach Tech organisation to deliver a summer camp teaching OR, analytics and data science to young people.

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