2022 January

In this edition of Inside OR, Büşra Atamer Balkan explores modelling agricultural value chain dynamics in the article From tree to table; Nigel Cummings revisits the recent Professor Anthony Finkelstein's Blackett Memorial Lecture; and we share news from the World Health Organisation about their work using operational research to eradicate malaria in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Leader: Cementing OR’s place in the data science / data analytics world

Gavin Blackett FORS sets The OR Society a challenge for 2022 - to make big strides towards making operational research’s place in the data science / analytics landscape crystal clear.

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Great women in science: Eunice Newton Foote and climate change predictions

Nigel Cummings relates the story of Eunice Newton Foote, a 19th Century pioneer of climate science, who was ignored because of her biological sex.

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From tree to table: Modelling agricultural value chain dynamics

Büşra Atamer Balkan recalls her journey from sophomore student in an industrial engineering programme to tackling global complex problems and supporting policymakers in their decisions and guiding us for a better world.

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