2022 May

In this edition of Inside OR, Rosemary Byde raises the important question of what your membership gets you; Frances Sneddon and Duncan Russell update us on the latest from the Heads of OR and Analytics Forum (HORAF); Nigel Cummings recounts the talks at the Beale Lecture, given earlier this year; and three authors explore the types of stories that data scientists can tell. 

Two types of stories that data scientists can tell

Data scientists must develop soft skills such as creativity, business acumen, communication and presentation skills, teamwork, flexible learning, aptitude to learn and self-learn, intellectual curiosity, scepticism and perseverance. This article looks at how these can only be acquired as part of a continuous learning process.

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Membership fees: what are you paying for?

Rosemary Byde, Chair of the PMW Committee, breaks one big question into a host of smaller ones, such as 'is membership purely transactional?', 'do members join for other less direct or tangible reasons?' and 'how do we generate value in this to employers?'

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Everyday -isms – an issue for us all?

Ruth Kaufman OBE FORS gives us a taste of March’s WORAN meeting, when members explored questions around “Challenging Everyday Sexism at Work”. Inspired by the #BreakTheBias theme of 2022’s International Women’s Day earlier in the month, the session was led by Debbie Rotchell from the Employers’ Network for Equality & Inclusion.

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How volunteering with Pro Bono OR can change your life

Dan Tilley, Principal Analytics Scientist and MD of Analytic Solutions Ltd, shares a story about the power of networking and how his life was changed by volunteering through The OR Society’s Pro Bono OR scheme to support a Community Interest Company, BuddyHub.

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