November 2022

This month, we explore some of the excellent content presented at our recent annual conference, OR64; Ruth Kaufman OBE FORS and Rob Chidley present two discussions of gender equality in the profession; Nigel Cummings reveals Amazon’s hidden data science systems; and Editor John Crocker looks at supply chain management.

Leader: We’re still not in Kansas

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the world of events has been subject to some significant changes in the past few years. John Medhurst, as chair of the events committee, looks back at our recent annual conference (OR64) and gives us an overview of what the next year has in store for The OR Society.

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OR64: Coventry Grand Challenges

Miles Weaver shares how OR64 delegates tackled the Grand Challenges of the cost-of-living crisis and fuel poverty in Coventry, making make sense of the data and how to build community capacity to identify and solve local issues and challenges.

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Supply chain management

Inside OR editor John Crocker takes a look at the complexities of tiered supply chains, and how lack of knowledge or understanding of your suppliers can lead to danger for companies whereas collaboration can lead to security.

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WORAN discussion at the annual conference, OR64

Ruth Kaufman OBE, FORS recounts the back-and-forth debate that took place at our annual conference in September on the topic of Gender quotas: are they a necessary evil?

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