October 2022

This month we have Scenario Planning and OR64 write-ups, along with looking back over five years of our People Analytics special interest group.

Leader: Some reflections and projections

Quite some time has elapsed since the last Leader from the Education Committee! In April 2021, we reported on how the committee navigated the uncertainties associated with the pandemic and the transitioning to online meetings. Unfortunately, the uncertainty lingered on through autumn and winter; but we have been very busy and, as a committee, we feel that a lot has been achieved!

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The OR Society conference experience A new staff member’s first impressions

If I had been asked at the start of 2022 what OR is, I would have probably replied “operating room” as most of my career has been spent in the NHS. It was an interesting parallel for me that the very first plenary speaker was from Dame Julie Moore, a past NHS Chief Executive. It was only since researching for my job interview with The OR Society that I realised that for ten years I had been using OR in my day-to-day working life as a waiting list director. 

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Use of AI in peer reviews

The new ‘benchmark of research validation’? 

Nigel Cummings looks at a paper, “Harnessing Sentiment in review texts to recommend Peer review decisions” by Tirthankar Ghosal (Head of Research NLP/ML, SciSpace), Rajeev Verma, Asif Ekblad and Pushpak Bhattachaya which detailed how it was possible to “automatically validate” research using AI.

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Pro Bono : Unexpected outcomes – sometimes a project doesn’t go to plan (and that’s ok)

N Brown is one of the UKs top digital clothing & footwear retailers and we employ Data Science & Analytics to build data products and generate insights to help the business flourish. Every year we also use ‘Make A Difference’ days to support charities with our time, normally through physical activities. COVID made helping this way difficult but that presented an opportunity to do something different. 

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October 2022

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