2023 June

Leader: What does the OR Society mean to you?

In this month's leader, Stephen Lorrimer looks at what he values about his OR Society membership and considers the responses to our recent member survey and whether there will be difficult decisions to make so we can continue to improve the Society.

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Solving Hard Combinatorial Optimisation Problems with General Purpose Integer Programming Software: A Guide for OR Practitioners

When OR practitioners are faced with the need to solve and implement industrial applications that can be formulated as combinatorial optimisation problems (COPs), the expense in terms of the personnel time commitment on algorithm development, computer code generation and testing, and solution implementation can be significant and costly. In addition to OR practitioners’ needs for simple, effective, and efficient solution approaches, it is also important for them to guarantee the quality of the solutions presented to management for implementation.

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Mixing Methods in Simulation

We look back at  Professor Susan Howick, Professor of management science and Vice-Dean (Academic) for Strathclyde Business School's keynote at this year’s Simulation Workshop (SW23) in which she explained clearly, how and why methodologies could and should be mixed in simulation work.

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An Algorithm for Diagnosing Pneumonia

With pneumonia being a common cause of death and over 220,000 people in the UK receiving a diagnosis each year, we take a look at whether an algorithm developed at Hanyang University could aid doctors.

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