2023 September

President's message : Let’s leave a legacy!

As we commence the celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of our society, it is only fitting that we reflect on our remarkable journey so far and prepare ourselves to embrace the promising opportunities that lie ahead.

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75 Years of The OR Society: Past, Present and Future

As we begin our 75th anniversary celebrations, through this special issue of InsideOR we wanted to reflect on operational research and explore its significance in the UK, but the focus of this article will be the Operational Research Society itself, the membership body that has championed the field, helped shape its development over the years and continues to represent the interests of its members and the wider OR community.

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75 volumes of the Journal

2024 will see the publication of the 75th volume of what started as the Operational Research Quarterly and became, in 1978, the Journal of the Operational Research Society. It was the world’s first OR journal.

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The transformative role of AI in operational research: shaping the future of decision-making

As the world continues to witness rapid advancements in technology, AI emerges as a game-changer in various industries, and OR is no exception. OR, a discipline that applies mathematical and analytical methods to improve decision-making, optimisation, and resource allocation, stands to be significantly impacted by AI in the future.

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2023 September

The 75th Anniversary Edition of the newsletter of The OR Society

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