2020 November/December Inside OR

This issue: In this edition of Inside OR we look back at the success of OR62 our annual conference from many perspectives.  We also take a look at what the new normal looks like, kick-starting an important outreach programme for 2021 and the travelling sales mouse. There are updates about our events, plus much more...

Reflections on OR62 Online

The journey towards OR62 was quite untypical of any previous OR Society conference. Originally planned to be at Nottingham University, an alternative location had to be found quickly when the University’s plans changed. Warwick University was chosen as the new venue and Juergen and I agreed to serve as cochairs. We thus got started in our planning later than usual and so wasted no time in forming a committee. When we started planning in earnest in February 2020, we had no idea what we’d got ourselves into! 

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The travelling sales mouse problem

COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown led to fewer events for ORiE to attend. The advantage of this has been more time to update the ORiE resources, including the Theme Park Trip resource. This introduces students to the travelling salesperson problem (TSP) and challenges them to find the shortest route around Hamilton’s Adventure Park. Sorry musical fans, the Adventure Park was named for William Hamilton of Hamiltonian cycles fame, rather than Alexander Hamilton of Hamilton the musical fame!

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An introduction to Soft Systems Methodology (SSM)

With the tremendous success of the webinar series, interest in my ‘An Introduction to SSM’ seemed almost guaranteed. The experience of previous webinars had taught that around 60% of the people who register actually join on the day. With over 260 people registering the session promised to be well attended.

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2020 November/December Inside OR

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