Thu, December 16, 2021


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Consultation on National Academy for Mathematical Sciences

The Council for Mathematical Sciences needs your input!

In 2018, Professor Philip Bond launched his independent ‘Review into Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences’, which set out 26 recommendations around the themes of governance, skills, national resource & infrastructure, regional support and government.

As part of this, the Bond Review advocated that “a national centre in impactful mathematics for the UK should be created to work with industry and government to drive mathematical research through to commercialisation. This could be based on existing models […] and to act as a national [knowledge exchange] hub”.

Following the review, the Council for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) explored the establishment of a National Academy for Mathematical Sciences to support future mathematical scientists and improve mathematical literacy more generally.

The proposed educational function will build on existing models for coordinating expertise and generating influence, and will ensure a better interface between those involved in mathematics education, industry and research.

You can help steer this

With the support of Professor Andrew Noyes (Chair of the Joint Mathematical Council of the UK), the CMS would now like to consult the wider mathematical sciences community. The OR Society strongly encourages its members to engage with this consultation, as part of our membership of the CMS.

We encourage all our members to feed into the consultation on the proposals via the CMS website and at a ‘townhall meeting’ that will take place on 3pm-5pm on 11 January 2022. Responses to this consultation should be made by 21 January 2022. Institutions like The OR Society will be able to contribute at a later stage.

Find out more and register

Read more about the proposals here: bit.ly/3oVVFk4

Register for the 11 January townhall event here: bit.ly/3dRqAaW