Thu, July 28, 2022


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Glad to be back in-person

Between 3 and 6 July, operational researchers from across Europe and the world gathered in Espoo, Finland, for the 2022 EURO conference. Three of our members wrote to us with their impressions:

Martin said: “I’m glad to be back in-person. The possibilities of randomly meeting colleagues and people with similar interests are much greater in person than on-line. Even to meet with close colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere is good. And the sessions are much more interesting in-person compared to online. There is a strong representation of the UK in many fields such as PSM/Behavioural OR, Optimisation.”

Stephan wrote: “While online conferences have benefits, they cannot replace the serendipity of discussing ideas with new friends and the nice surprise of bumping into old friends. EURO has been very beneficial for interactions. It isn’t just about listening to the presentations alone (which can be done online).”

Christine told us: “This is the first time I’ve been to an in-person conference for several years! Some online conferences were useful but none compares to being present in a big group of people, all interested in furthering research and practice in operational research! EURO has been brilliant for: finding like-minded people to work with and be inspired by; taking a break from the day job allowing you to see things with a fresh perspective and; strengthening the community.”

The organisers clearly did a fantastic job – yet what shines through strongest is the human connection, made possible by in-person meetings, creating a better atmosphere, enabling catch-ups and new meetings, unlocking collaboration and building an undeniable sense of community.

Next is the turn of The OR Society to roll out a world-class conference in-person. Our annual conference OR64 is coming to the University of Warwick over 13-15 September.

Getting back together will enable not just the meeting of great minds but will provide a space for unexpected meetings and genuine networking. Visit www.theorsociety.com/OR64 to book your tickets!