Sat, March 07, 2020


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Optimising for Empathy

It is easy to appreciate that AI systems improve business workflows but what about ones that enable better human-to-human interaction? This is where AI-enabled CRMs come in.

Vince Jeffs of Pegasystems says his company builds AI-enabled solutions that not only optimise for efficiency, but also maximize empathy and enhance relationships.

Jeffs says AI empathy optimisation “is really about putting relationships at the heart of your system … that puts the relationship between you and your customer at the center.”

This is at odds with ‘selfish automation’, which Jeffs says is when “automation is only centered around cost efficiency and effectiveness for the company. You are not thinking about how the customer is viewing, reacting to, and potentially suffering from this automation… So, to understand the process of automation through the customer’s eyes is really important.”

Once this point of view is integral to building the AI, crucial customer information can be identified to build a better picture of that customer’s needs and preferences. Then the AI can steer human employees towards making better connections with specific customers – leading to better interactions.

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