Tue, February 09, 2021


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OR Society Research Community Survey

In the academic year, 2019/20, The OR Society carried out an initial survey into the OR Early Career Researcher (ECR) community at UK universities. The results of this survey helped us to understand the proportion of women in ECR, what type of faculties OR is based within, the nationality of the OR community and much more.

We would like to thank our university contacts who took the time to respond, as their answers were instrumental in updating our understanding of the OR ECR landscape.

This work will enable us to be better advocates for the ECR community when speaking to business liaisons and funding bodies. It will also inform our education outreach and has already helped us establish an ECR Network and provided valuable insight into the OR community’s diversity.

This year, The OR Society wants to build on this excellent foundation and further develop our understanding of the research community. We will be updating and expanding our survey, asking for data on both ECRs and academics who are further into their careers.

By understanding more of the OR research landscape, we will be able to continue improving the support we offer. To this end, we will also be asking members of the OR ECR Network to provide more detailed information about their career path and when they discovered OR.

How to get involved

As with any request for information, the key to success is speaking to the right people. If you think you are the best person to complete this survey on behalf of your institution or could pass a survey along to a group of ECRs, please get in touch with Carol McLaughlin ([email protected]) or Eve Hardy ([email protected]).