Tue, October 31, 2023


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UK AI Assurance Initiative Takes Centre Stage at Panel Session

Panel session title: Delivering on the UK AI Vision as a Global Leader for AI Assurance: An Expert Community-Driven Approach.

Date: 1st November 2023

Location: UCL AI Centre, London

Book here: Events — AI Fringe

The session aims to deliver a roadmap for convening experts to establish trusted and safe AI best practices, spanning various AI problem domains and sector applications. The overarching objectives include stimulating innovation across government, industry, and academia to advance AI safety best practices, fostering a deeper understanding of AI safety among key stakeholders, and nurturing a pipeline of talent attuned to the significance of safety in AI and machine learning.

The primary goal of this panel is to facilitate a discourse on how the UK can realise its vision of becoming a global leader in AI assurance. This includes promoting diversity in the field to develop cutting-edge approaches and learning from experts in computer science, operational research, statistics, audit, health, law, and more. The overarching objective is to turn this vision into a reality by drawing insights from a wide range of experts.

The UK government, in December 2021, announced its commitment to nurturing AI assurance as a substantial economic endeavour. The potential is immense, with the UK aspiring to be a global frontrunner in this burgeoning, multi-billion-pound industry. This panel will delve into the progress the UK has made in realising this ambition and fostering an ecosystem where AI assurance services can thrive, offering safe, trusted, and responsible AI solutions.

The central theme of the panel revolves around the belief that a community-driven approach, enriched by diverse perspectives, will yield the most robust and trusted AI outcomes. Distinguished panellists, hailing from both the public and private sectors, will offer their insights from legal, ethical, and technical standpoints. Moreover, they will reflect on market trends, both nationally and internationally, further enhancing the discussion.


- Nuala Polo, DSIT\CDEI.

- Charles Kerrigan, CMS.

- Tirath Virdee, Xeno AI.

- Shakeel Khan, Validate AI \ OR Society.

The panel session on November 1 promises to be a pivotal event, driving forward the UK's ambition to lead in AI assurance, all under the guidance of an esteemed group of experts and industry leaders.


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