Wed, October 14, 2020


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Volunteer Opportunity: New editor for Inside OR magazine

Inside OR is the membership magazine for the OR Society. The magazine is 32 pages and contains news and information relevant to all the Society members, both active and retired. The magazine plays a vital role in communicating key societal events, member activities, member notices, industry news, and key research developments. The magazine is also a valuable medium for the Board and Committee Chairs to encourage members to get involved. This member involvement helps the Society continue to grow and be relevant. Our members highly value the magazine.

Publishing Cycle: The magazine is currently produced bi-monthly and will be returning to a monthly publication in 2021. This frequency will be reviewed as part of the Member Communication Strategy.

Production: All pre-production work is undertaken in house by ORS Marketing, and a mailing house is used for print and distribution. Marketing oversees the magazine's layout, appearance, and content, including legal compliance, timeliness, accuracy, and relevance. This process includes completing the final checks pre-production.

Budget Responsibility: No income is derived from the publication. Costs are in outline: 50% amortised overheads; 25% production; 25% freelance journalists fees. Expenses are managed by the Head of Marketing, who reports to the Executive Director.

Key Duties

  • Writing magazine Editorial for each issue.
  • Editing work by freelancer and in-house (member contributions) writers. (Currently, a freelance writer-producers ten news-in-brief articles per issue) and uploading these articles to Basecamp for marketing to develop the layout.
  • Inviting and liaising with Leader author to ensure deadlines are met
  • Ensuring regular coverage of Regional Societies and Special Interest Groups Researching and writing the OR minus 30, (OR -20 articles id produced by the ORS Executive Director).
  • Devising quintagram

Attend quarterly Publications Committee Meeting


  • An active member of the OR Society
  • Able to manage occasional tight turnaround times
  • Work remotely and attend key society events such as the Annual Conference, Blackett Lecture, and Beale Lecture.

Knowledge of the magazine production, including knowledge of publishing laws. would be useful.

Attendance of “Unconscious Bias” and GDPR courses would also be beneficial.

Please send your CV with a covering letter to Gavin Blackett, Executive Director at [email protected].

The deadline for expressions of interest is 28 February 2021