Tue, September 05, 2023


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Pro Bono OR project: Impact Measurement Improvements needed

Coping With Cancer North East offers support to people in North East England and Cumbria who are either undergoing treatment for cancer, or are recovering from recent treatment. They have asked for help to improve their impact measurement for the range of activities and outcomes they facilitate and support.

Beginning with a review of the client organisation’s strategic plan and mission, vision and value statements, determine the range of desired outputs and outcomes for Coping with Cancer (NE). From the latter, distil a range of qualitative and/or quantitative measures for assessing impact for the range of services provided across the communities being served, for both current and possible future services. Having determined appropriate impact measurement requirements, propose solution options for the facilitation of data capture (based on survey data or other means), data storage and the generation of impact metrics.

The project is likely to require an appropriate soft systems approach (i.e. facilitated structured discussions) within the client organisation to review strategies, mission vision and value statements and distil relevant outcome and impact measures.


Make a difference:

Having robust means of impact measurement will enable Coping with Cancer (NE) to more effectively make the case for resources with potential funders, at a time when demand on the charity’s services is growing rapidly, while there is concurrently increasing pressure on funding providers’ budgets. Effective impact measurement will also enable Coping with Cancer (NE) to optimise its allocation of resources across the range of services provided in an environment where demands for these services continue to rise.

For more details and how to apply, take a look at the advert on our blog.

For further information about Coping with Cancer North East, please visit https://copingwithcancer.org.uk/