Thu, July 13, 2023


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Pro Bono OR project - Maritime accidents: root causes and saving lives

CHIRP wants to improve its analysis to better understand and communicate maritime risks more clearly. 

CHIRP has a database of incident reports going back to 2002, but the reporting system was improved last year. So far just over 100 reports are available in the new format. The results from these systems are used by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency to communicate the major human contributory factors that result in maritime accidents, incidents and errors.  

These are communicated in terms of the ‘deadly dozen’ factors. These dozen were chosen from a full list of 65 human behaviour factors which affect overall safety performance.  

Both CHIRP’s Maritime Director and the MCA consider that these dozen factors were not selected scientifically, and that reporting could be improved. 

It is hoped that a volunteer would discuss detailed requirements with the Director which are expected to include:  

  • Investigating the reporting methods and documentation currently used  

  • Analysing the set of incident reports available on the new system and mapping against the full 65 human behaviour factors  

  • Facilitating a session with CHIRP and the MCA to discuss the ‘best’ factors to report against  

  • Designing a tool for automated reporting including charts and diagrams (possibly using software such as Power BI) that could be used by CHIRP  

  • Discussion and agreeing on the best format with stakeholders and CHIRP and provide a user guide if needed  

Make a difference:

The aim is to improve communication of risks and thus reduce accidents at sea which will benefit CHIRP by helping improve delivery of its mission. 

For more details and how to apply, take a look at the advert on our blog.

For further information about CHIRP, please visit https://chirp.co.uk/