Thu, April 28, 2022


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Ways to build your analytics knowledge


Valorie Hampton started her career working in supply chain, within the automotive industry at Toyota. She recognised that her work involved dealing with a lot of data but she felt she was not getting as much out of that data as was possible. She looked at various courses and decided a course in business analytics might be the answer.

A STEM-designated Master’s in Analytics program at American University’s Kogod School of Business caught Valorie’s attention, as it was a master’s degree that offered both full-time and part-time study options. She chose the part-time format, which involved her studying remotely for two years, so that she could fit the degree around her work at Toyota.

Valorie’s masters course provided a blending of management and leadership with data and analytics roles. Her course provided business fundamentals like consulting, finance, and business intelligence, but it also equipped her with specialist technical skills in a variety of programming languages such as R, Python, SQL, and the data visualisation program Tableau.

She learnt to specialise in areas like IT consulting, forensic accounting, and biostatistics. Her course also allowed for participation in a project working to solve a data-based problem with professional sports teams. Valorie worked with the Special Olympics to predict BMI using data collected from worldwide events. 

After graduating, Valorie applied to join a data-driven role with Microsoft and it was in the interview stage where she discovered the true value of her Master’s in Analytics degree:

“When recruiters see that you have that analytics background and you’ve invested time and money in a master’s degree, the conversations become a whole lot easier”, said Valorie.

Other ways to build your analytics knowledge

There are more ways than Masters degrees to gain skills in analytics and data science. Conferences and workshops can provide insights into a host of business analytics functions. Join us on 5 July 2022 for The Analytics, OR and AI Summit 2022 - an event which provides a unique mix of morning talks and afternoon workshops!

In the morning, join industry leaders for talks on analytics innovations and best practise, network with peers and exhibitors and reconnect with the UK's vibrant analytics community.

In the afternoon, jump into our expert-led afternoon workshops to get hands-on with the nuts and bolts of data strategies and business improvement projects.

Booking is open now: find our more at www.theorsociety.com/AS22