Awards Panel

The members of the Awards Panel are appointed according to the expected workload.

Awards Panel Members

Committee Member Affiliation Term End Notes
Richard Mapleston FORS (Chair) formerly Shell N/A  
Sally Brailsford University of Southampton N/A  
Crispin Coombs Loughborough University N/A  
Rebecca Herron University of Lincoln N/A  
Masoud Fakhimi  University of Surrey N/A  
Stuart Johns formerly Sheffield Hallam University N/A  
Jeff Jones LSE N/A  
Itamar Megiddo University of Strathclyde N/A  
Lucy Gullon BT N/A  
Eliseo Perdomo-Vilalta FORS Aston University N/A  
Chris Potts University of Southampton N/A  
John Ranyard formerly Lancaster University N/A  
Roberto Rossi University of Edinburgh    
Duncan Robertson Loughborough University N/A  
Antuela Tako  Nottingham Trent University    
Selin Ahipasaoglu  University of Southampton    
Seb Hargreaves ORS, Executive Director   NV X
Carol McLaughlin ORS, Head of Professional Services
  NV X

NV denotes non-voting

X denotes non member

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