Publications Committee

This committee comprises the chair, the editors of each of the periodical publications, members of general council appointed by the board and is also attended by appropriate ORS staff members and representatives of the society’s publisher.

Publication Committee Members

Committee Member Affiliation Term End Notes
Tom Archibald (Chair)
University of Edinburgh Dec 2024 R GC
Christina Pagel (Vice President) UCL Dec 2024 R GC
Samir Chatterjee (Health Systems) Claremont Graduate University Apr 2026 * R
Kieran Conboy (EJIS) NUI Galway, Rep of Ireland Dec 2026 * R
John Crocker FORS (Inside OR) formerly Data Systems & Solutions   *
Christine Currie (JOS) University of Southampton Dec 2024 *
Dursun Delen (JBA) Oklahoma State University, USA Dec 2027 *
Ann Fruhling (Health Systems) University of Nabraska, USA Dec 2027 * R
Daniel Gartner (Health Systems) Cardiff University Dec 2026 * R
Lucy Gullon BT Dec 2025 R GC
Tom Jackson (KMRP) Loughborough University Dec 2027 *
Kathy Kotiadis (Health Systems) University of Kent Sep 2024 * R
Martin Kunc (JORS) Southampton Business School Dec 2025 * R
Antti Lönnqvist (KMRP) Tampere University, Finland Dec 2027 *
Charles Macal (JOS) Argonne National Laboratory, USA Apr 2028 * R
Navonil Mustafee (JOS) University of Exeter Apr 2026 * R
Sudha Ram (JBA) University of Arizona, USA Dec 2027 *
Said Salhi (JORS) University of Kent Dec 2025 * R
Claudia Szabo (JOS) University of Adelaide July 2027 * R
Maurizio Tomasella (Impact Magazine) University of Edinburgh   *
Virpi Tuunainen (EJIS) Aalto University, Finland Dec 2026 * R
Richard Vidgen (JBA) University of New South Wales Dec 2026 * R
Blair Wang (EJIS) NUI Galway, Rep of Ireland   * R
Richard Wood AFORS NHS   *
Zhe George Zhang (JORS) Western Washington University, USA Dec 2025 * R
Richard Goodman Taylor & Francis   # NV X
Carol McLaughlin ORS, Head of Professional Services   * NV X
Sophie Rouse ORS, Research & Publications Coordinator   * NV X

* denotes automatically a member by virtue of committee's terms of reference
# denotes co-opted by committee
NV denotes non-voting
R denotes the term of office is renewable
GC denotes membership of General Council
X denotes non member of ORS

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